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This is a follow up to my last post on ponds in Dapcha area where water shortage had forced people to look for ways to increase spring discharge. I visited the place to see whether the small ponds dug before the monsoon last year had any impact on the water sources.  What had become clear was the fact that Dapcha has begun to experience water shortage more frequently. A local resort was already buying water in the dry season from water tankers that hauled water from as far away as Banepa located about 20 kilometres away. Demand for water increased due to increased flow of tourists and pilgrims to the sacred Monastery and the holy place of Namobuddha. Since there was no possibility of bringing water from other sources, it was necessary to manage available water sources to their full potential. As a response to the problem, six ponds of about 100 square feet area each were dug above the springs that provided water to a local resort.  Water from areas around the ponds was diverted to the ponds using earthen channels. Surprisingly, the ponds never got filled even in the middle of the monsoon. Water in the ponds seeped in so quickly that none of the ponds had any water left standing after each storm. It only suggested that a large amount of rain water in fact went into the ground which otherwise would have flowed to the stream the same day.  The resort has not bought water from tankers this year. Encouraged as we are, we plan to dig few more ponds this year to save some more rainwater.

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