Did you realize that the water you  drank today from a bottle, in fact, has been drunk by millions of others over the past countless millennia. The same water that you are holding in your hand has traveled thousands of kilometers, passed through many guts, cells, tissues; changed its form from gas-to-liquid-to- gas countless times, become sweet, sour, salty and tasteless, and has become dirty, clean and pure many times. What looks like fresh water actually is as old as mother earth.

The beauty of nature is that through its various systems and cycles it refreshes water. Lots of energy is pumped in to the natural systems during the monsoon to fill our reserves with clean water so that we can continue to live. But, Mother Nature has its limitations. It takes one full year to clean water. We pollute it every day. Worst, pollute with things that Nature cannot clean. Isn’t that unjust?